Christopher Walken Scented Products
A mock branding project
Warning, this is not a real product.

This mock-brand started out as an assignment for a job interview. The brief was open, create two pieces based on the actor Christopher Walken and his role in King of New York. I thought I'd build a product for the famed celebrity. Upon researching, I realized he was a hilarious and charming man filled with dark humour. So I decided to create a whimsical scented soap brand with a "wink of overly wrinkly eye bags". Stretching this project further, I have expanded Christopher Walken's collection of goods to three other films, and now with a new product - scented socks. 

I wanted the brand logo to reflect the strong personality Christopher Walken possesses. The result is a bold and edgy handtype, which I felt was appropriate to his drug lord, bad ass appearance in King of New York. The brand is fashionable, simple and clean cut, with four different colours for each different films. A mossy green to pair with the wilderness in The Deer Hunter, a bright 60's purple for Hairspray, a cyan blue similar to Catch Me If You Can's own brand colour, and a deep black for the darkness in King of New York. 
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