Converge Magazine: Ethnicity Issue
An editorial illustration project
In December 2013 I was asked by the Creative Director of Converge Magazine to illustrate for the Jan/Feb 2014 Issue on Ethnicity. Ethnicity goes hand-in-hand with skin colors, so I wanted to work with a color palette with a minimal amount of colors and play with positive and negative spaces.
“You would think that interracial couples are “color-blind,” but my parents both make prejudice comments about other racial groups, including their own.”
“I sometimes I feel like some of our white, liberal acquaintances  invite us to things so that they can fulfill their quota of having a black friend.”
“We were walking to my car, when some of the neighborhood kids were shouting things like, “Hey! You like that black ass!” at us. I admit to being pretty used to my white male privilege, and it really made me uncomfortable to get shouted at like that on the street. The thing that gets me is that [my wife] is so used to this nonsense that she doesn’t even remember it.”
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