leMook 18: Weekendism
An art direction project
Many years ago, I once stood as the Art Director for leMook, a club magazine-book based in the University of British Columbia. The elected position offered good training, and it helped prepare me into the professional design industry. Many years later, in the spring of 2013, I was called back to art-direct the overdue issue Weekendism. Turned out the designated Art Director disappeared off the radar and the sponsors were getting frustrated. I must admit this magazine-book meant a lot to me; it matured me into the designer I am today. So with passion and some commission, I re-signed onto the Art Director position for Issue 18: Weekendism.

The theme of this issue Weekendism sounds playful, so I decided to utitlize illustrations. I wanted to put in some elements of play but sophisticated enough for serious articles. Weekends to me meant trips. Trips to see the mountains and oceans, up into the clouds and deep into the seas. To be bounded in nature, quite appropriate for us living in Vancouver eh. 
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